There are 3 downloads for each version, you probably only really need 1 of the 3. The one without a 32 or 64 in the name is the MAX project file. If you don't have MAX and you have a PC, you'll want either the 32-bit or 64-bit version. If you have a Mac you can download the MAX 6 runtime and use the MAX project. Choose the appropriate one based on your plugins and not your system type. If you find this useful, let me know. I love to hear what people are doing. :) (continuumVST) at (ericvonbayer) dot (us).

What is it?

This MAX based project is intended to allow easier use of the Haken Continuum with software synths. Most software synths unfortunately do not differentiate between MIDI channels. Due to the control the Haken Continuum provides, this is necessary to work correctly within the MIDI spec.

To facilitate this, the MAX program allows a user to load a VST, and it replicates that VST for each channel. To make things easier it operates in two modes:


Typical Use

  1. Open the Continuum VST MAX Patch or Application (32 for 32-bit plugins, 64 for 64-bit plugins).
  2. Select the Input MIDI port you wish to use for the Continuum.
  3. Setup the audio device and enable the audio if it's not enabled.
  4. Set the number of instances (this should match what you set on the Continuum).
  5. Select an instrument VST by pressing the button. If this is a Waves plugin you'll also need to select a plugin from the dropdown next to "Instrument VST...".
  6. When the plugin fully loads, it will popup the UI. You can now select a patch. The plugin can be played during this time, but it will effectively be monophonic in this mode. Setting pitchbend range settings while in this mode is advised. Many VSTs do not automate this parameter, thus setting it later won't result in changing all the instances without pressing the Sync button.
  7. Once you're happy, click the "Patcher" button and it will change to "Performance" mode. This will trigger the current patch to be copied to all the remaining VST instances. If at any point you need to do this again there is a sync button (the button that looks like two circling arrows). This button with repeat this copy process. That said, this should not be necessary typically as any automatable parameter that is changed from the UI will be replicated to the other instances in real time.

Suggested Settings on the Continuum and VSTs

X Bend:12+/-12 semitones in plugins

Future Work

VST Notes and Compatibility

NOTE: Does not work with VST 3 plugins, do not try as this will almost certainly crash immediately.